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Digital Clamp Meter


Digital Clamp Meter


1. The meter can be used for testing power, voltage, current, peak value, phase, frequency, power factor, phase angle, and reaction factor, etc. of single-/three-phase circuit; automatic phase sequence testing is possible for 3-phase measurement.
2. True effective value measurement: accurate measurement is possible even with serious distortion in current waveform.
3. Low-consumption high-speed single-chip microprocessor is employed and sophisticated algorithm is applied, as a result, results can be obtained rapidly and precisely, and up to 20 harmonics and distortion value thereof can be measured.
4. Hand-held, clamp-type structure, with light weight, convenient for carry-on.
5. Back-lit LCD display with a maximum reading of 5,999
6. LED flashlight (power and current mode only)
7. Record: MAX. value and MIN. value (Effective in the voltage, current and effective/apparent power functions)
8. Low Battery indication
9. Data hold
10. Auto power-off


AC current (A): 2mA~200A±(2%+5)
AC voltage (V): 0.1V~600V±(1.0%+5)
Single-phase active power (W): 0.01W-120KW±(3%+5)
Passive power   (VAr) 2=(VA) 2+W 2 0.01W-120KW ±(3%+5)
Power factor 0.3 captive to 0.3 inductive ±3°
Frequency (Hz): 30~1000Hz  0.5%+1
Harmonic test:  Fundamental frequency 45 ~ 65Hz, 1 to 20 times harmonic ± (3% +5)
Display LCD 6000
Range selection: Fully automatic range selection
Frequency detection: automatic (when harmonic is serious, it is better to use manual settings for testing frequency so as to assure the reading stability)
Over-range display:  “OL”
Data holding:  “HOLD” is shown on LCD
Power supply: 3 batteries of 1.5 V, AAA
Power consumption: 250 mW
Storage temperature: – 20 °C ~ 70 °C
 Operating temperature: 0 °C ~ 40 °C
Temperature Coefficient:0.05x(specified accuracy)per°C
Electromagnetic Compatibility: In an RF field of 3V/M,accuracy=specified accuracy , Otherwise accuracy is unspecifieced.
Operating Altitude: 2000m CAT III 600V;3000m CAT II600V
Store Altitude: 12000m
MAX. diameter for conductor  26mm
Power supply 3 X 1.5V AAA (not included)
Dimensions 208mm X 78mm X 35mm