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Digital Electrical Network Analyzer


Digital Electrical Network Analyzer

The Electrical Network Analyzer consists of two internal current injection devices, current and voltage measurement circuits and a microprocessor connected to a display. Once the user depresses the button, power is applied to the tester’s circuit.



The ElecNetYzer is a new type of Multifunction Instrument which test and report on all important components of a basic electrical network. Conventionally, when you had to analyze an electrical network or find a fault quickly, the electrical engineer had to buy many bulky and expensive test instruments. This latest release of the NEW Electrical Network Analyzer, solves that problem.

The ElecNetYzer has a built-in LED wiring check which checks the correctness of the wiring under test. This microprocessor controlled, superb piece of equipment, has one “Smart” push button “does it all” type. Press it to turn the instrument “ON”, press it to TEST, press it to SCROLL through the results, press it to scroll through PREVIOUS results or press it to START another test.

Our Electrical Network Analyzer uses “multiple paths high current injection” for its test so that the measured values are well above network noise and high current injection is closer to reality. Once the integrity of the wiring has been verified, the “Smart” button can be depressed. The instrument will first measure the voltage of the electricity supplier (utility company) at the source. (V ). G A high current is then injected between Line and Neutral from the point where the test is performed.