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Timer Equal Repeating 1C/O


Timer Equal Repeating 1C/O – EP1 10S 115VAC

• EP1 SPDT relay • EP2 DPDT relay
• Failsafe Operation
• Extensive supply voltage ranges
• Time adjustment on calibrated scale
• High repetitive accuracy
• 10A single pole relays (EP1) and 5 Amp double pole relay (EP2)
• External Timing Potentiometer possible (Pins 5 & 6)

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This module will give you many years of service and is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship and materials. In addition a full repair service is available through ACDC Dynamics branch.

EP1 120M 24VDC

Upon application of the supply voltage the relay energises for the ON period, the power and relay LED’s are on and the timing period begins.On expiry of the set ON time period the relay will de-energise and the relay LED is off and the OFF time period begins. On expiry of the OFF time period the timing cycle starts again and continues until power is removed.

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